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Saturday 6th April 2019

How this unique event works

1) Enter the venue and refrain from speaking any other language except Arabic

2) Use the notepads provided to jot down key words that are scattered throughout the venue, so that you can converse.

3) Visit different corners and converse!

4) Take part in activities.

5) Complete challenges.

Experience the Excitement

Experience the Arabic language in a new and unique way. Keep your Luga alive, by attending. 


Sports: This corner will be dedicated to talking about sports. From the latest news in the footballing world, to the breaking news from the MMA Octagan, all will be discussed here. Topics for discussion will be provided as well as key words that you can pick up on.

Politics: We all know everyone likes to discuss the happenings in the world of politics. Here people can pick up words related to politics and grasp and understanding of real world events through spoken Arabic. Topics for discussion will be provided as well as key words that you can pick up on.

Religion: Want to learn about the Prophet SWA, or some of his companions. This corner will have discussions related to some of the companions of the prophet and will be taught in Arabic. Perfect for beginners and fluent speakers alike. There will be plenty of resources available for beginners to pick up Arabic words and have understood everything that was discussed.

World: Here you can make friends and start a conversation in Arabic about anything. Different topics are provided if you wish to embark on a conversation, however anything can be discussed here, except topics related to existing corners such as sports, politics or religion. You may use translation software to string together sentences. Remember, nothing except Arabic is allowed.


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About Lugatee

Lugatee, led by Khidhir Ahmad (Head Organiser), is an organisation dedicated to the promotion of the language of the Qur'an. We believe that everyone should have easy access to learning this beautiful language so that they can understand the book of Allah. Our language club is built around the model of spoken Arabic, where you learn through conversing. We do not teach Nahw or Sarf, grammar is not the aim, the aim is to help you retain your Arabic and also as a begineer to grasp through practise. We do however, also offer traditional structured beginner and advance courses and also tuition for GCSE Arabic, making the club a much needed top-up every month. 

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